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visual intelligence with a difference

WeSee is a visual insights company that offers deep learning-based computer vision, harnessed within our Visual Intelligence Engine (VIE), to acutely and deeply understand all forms of visual content.

We derive meaning from visual data to create a more informed, transparent and intelligible world. It is our mission to unlock the hidden meaning, veracity and value of all visual content.

Our Visual Intelligence Engine (VIE) moves beyond mere image recognition and meta-tagging; we extract core information to surface multiple variables and then holistically analyse the content to bring context, relevance and categorisation for you to utilise.

Able to organically learn from a mere handful of examples

We use proprietary deep learning (AI) to surface all necessary variables within any visual content for you to utilise.

We go beyond mere content recognition to understand context, allowing you to tag and apply your own rules.

We bring meaning and intrinsic value to visual content through customised filtration of any key elements.

Meet Our Management Team

Our core team is comprised of seasoned media professionals, mathematicians and scientists who are all focused on building a world-leading deep learning technology that is capable of looking inside and understanding video and images. Meet the key personnel tasked with managing our aspirations:

David Fulton
David FultonCEO
A New Zealander, David brings over twenty-five years of global leadership. Over the past decade he has specialised by leading highly successful European technology and media based organisations. Companies he has worked for include Saatchi & Saatchi, aQuantive, Microsoft, Adform and most recently Expedia. David joined WeSee as our new CEO in March 2017.
André Schuurman
André SchuurmanCFO
A Dutch national, André is an economist who holds an MBA from IMD, and has been Senior Strategic Advisor to numerous tech start-ups and holds several non-executive directorships. Until 2014, Andre held the position of Regional Director at KPMG. He previously held positions at Oliver Wyman and OC&C Strategy Consultants. André brings over twenty years of experience in the technology, media and consumer goods sectors.
Stanislav Demidov
Stanislav DemidovCTO
Stanislav holds a Master’s degree from Samara State Technical University and has been at WeSee since its foundation as lead of the algorithm team. He is the core developer of the high-performance image-processing library that is at the heart of WeSee’s technology. Stanislav’s work is based on the CNN or Convolutional Neural Network approach to image classification.

Lead investor, Velocity Capital Advisors – led by Bil Bungay & Raj Saxena – acquired WeSee in 2016.

Capture what matters

The flexibility of WeSee allows you to train our VIE with new methods for understanding visual content as it applies to your specific business needs. Whether logo or facial recognition, text or audio, by frame or by scene – user generated uploads or simultaneous broadcast streams – we analyse every split-second of relevant visual content automatically to enable you to extract the necessary information for you to classify and verify as required.

WeSee Values

To bring the human element into full-scale computer vision.

To unlock the hidden meaning, veracity and value of all visual content.

To bring sight to the visually-impaired digital world.

Precision, Integrity, Clarity, Synergy and Accountability.

The world’s most advanced adult and violence filter

Our partners agree

“We see (haha) them as a great complement to other contextual/semantic data providers. Their image classification tech gives a different interpretation of page content, and thrives in image-heavy environments common to social media platforms.”


“I am impressed with WeSee’s image recognition technology; I see this as the only solution in the market for classifying and enhancing the value of visual content for my clients.”